Enviromental Policy

TJ O’Mahony Limited is fully committed to protecting the environment and we conduct our activities in an environmentally responsible manner. Continually monitoring practices and the latest research so as to improve the environmental performance of all our trading activities. Our management team will ensure that the correct managerial, technical and administrative controls operate to the satisfaction of best environmental practice and to comply with National and EU legislation and IPC licence conditions.

Our aim is to prevent pollution, reduce carbon emissions, cut down on waste and increase the amount of certified, well-managed timber we buy.

Our policy provides a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.

TJ O’Mahony Limited is committed to the policy of continual improvement of environmental performance and best environmental practice as far as is economically achievable.

Environmental Targets

The TJ O’Mahony policy of being environmentally responsible requires us to set and maintain targets which allow us to assess our environmental performance continually – on behalf of our customers, our staff, and our shareholders.

Timber Management

Timber management is a key area in which we operate and we employ environmentally responsible practices as standard. We are committed to sourcing our timbers from known certified sources where reforestation is the common practice.

Carbon Management

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main ‘greenhouse’ gas responsible for global warming and climate change and TJ O’Mahony are a company committed to playing our part in reducing carbon emissions through the monitoring of, and purchasing of those products which utilise the best industrial practices.

Waste Management

Industrial, commercial and household waste amounts to many million of tones annually and is likely to continue to increase unless measures are taken corporately and individually.

At TJ O’Mahony we are committed to reducing the amount of waste produced in the course of our business activity and to increasing the amount of waste that we recycle or recover.

Pollution Management

We are constantly ensuring that our trading activities have no negative effect on the environment or to the individuals and industries in our proximity to our Showroom and warehousing.

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