Cup Head Bolt M12

SKU: faed577dedf8

High Quality, Bright Zinc Plated Bolts
Suitable for metal and timber applications, roof joisting, fencing and wooden buildings
Manufactured from4.8 Grade steel

Mushroom Head with Square Collar
Standards: made in accordancw with DIN 603

Available Sizes:
M12 X 60mm
M12 X 70mm
M12 X 75mm
M12 X 80mm
M12 X 90mm
M12 X 100mm
M12 X 110mm
M12 X 120mm
M12 X 130mm
M12 X 140mm
M12 X 150mm
M12 X 180mm
M12 X 200mm
M12 X 260mm
M12 X 280mm
M12 X 300mm

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